Actuator and valve testers

Actuators and valves are used in different industries like oil, gas and water. This rig tests actuators and valves, shows the torques results and creates reports with R&R data. This is a summary of the characteristics of these test rigs:

  • Tests pneumatic double acting and single acting valve actuators
  • Tests and quantifies torque to open and close valves
  • Fully maps the torque/angle opening and closing characteristics
  • Multiple load cell capability up to 2000Nm torque
  • Valve and actuator connections conform to ISO5211 standard
  • Fully programmable test envelopes, can be saved and used per part number
  • Data captured can be opened directly in Microsoft Excel for post processing
  • Software compatable with Microsoft Windows XP, 7 and 8
  • Includes full self calibration hardware and software

The rigs are custom made with the torque range adapted to the customers needs, up to 15.oooNm. You can download the data sheet here. T2000

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