ALT Series (Auto-Testing)

The ALT Series System is an automated modular spring tester, setter and sorter with the following characteristics:

  • Load Capacity up to 5000N
  • Tester Stroke up to 500mm with an accuracy better than 0.01mm
  • Programmable for automated testing of:
    • Loads
    • Freelength
    • Spring rate
    • Solid height
  • Tester crosshead speeds of 125mm/sec
  • Modular turntable including 12 stations
  • Pnuematic setter up to 5000N Capacity (10000N Optional)
  • Pnuematic setter mechanically divided up to 3 stations
  • 3 Way Sorter – Standard
  • Optional Automated loading Mechanism
  • Optional bowlfeeders
  • Includes on-line SPC Control charts


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