Spring testers

SAS Inc produces high quality state-of-the-art spring testers that provide testing solutions to industry and specifically to the spring and wire forming industries. As apposed to general load testers, these testers contain design enhancements that are a necessity for spring testing. These testers can be divided into 5 distinct product families:

  • Compression / Extension  load testing (Manual and PC servo controlled testers). These include the following models:
  1. CT Series (C-Frame)    (Motorized)
  2. CT-Series (H-Frame)    (Motorized)
  3. CT-PC Series               (Motorized with on board PC and touchscreen)
  4. CT-Dual Series             (Motorized dual loadcell)
  5. CTM Series                   (Manual with gearbox)
  6. CTMS Series                 (Manual)
  • Torsion Testing, (Manual and PC servo controlled Testers). These include the following models:
  1. T Series (Motorized)
  2. TMS-Series (Manual)
  • Vision Inspection (geometrical inspection) for 2D and 3D general and wire formed parts. These include the following models:
  1. CTV2000 Series (Inspection of 2 and 3 D wire formed parts)
  2. CTV1600 Series (Vision Measurement of axis-symmetrical parts).
  • Fatigue Testing and Life Cycle Analysis for tension compression and torsion springs. These include the following models:
  1. LST Series (Fatigue / Life Cycle inspection of compression / Extension parts)
  2. TFT Series (Fatigue testing of torsion parts)
  • Automated setting, testing sorting that includes Automated 2D geometric testing and sorting and real-time in-process 2D and 3D wire forming inspection and sorting


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